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  1. I’m really looking forward to the day. I have heard Pat Blount speak and have visited his wind farm recently, he is passionate about what he does.
    We all need events like this, there is such an opportunity is this sector especially for some of the former construction workers. Having worked in this area as electrical contractors since 1993 we have diversified into the energy sector and have developed the first of our eco apps called Eco Bulbz.
    To celebrate this event we will continue to have our basic version of our app Eco-Bulbz Basic free until the end of May. So do download it and please leave a comment at the App Store

  2. Great idea, looking forward to it.

  3. Looking forward to networking with like minded individuals that have the foresight that this is a growth industry and wider knowledge and understanding of other companies and speakers products and technologies can only benefit successful business growth and lower energy dependency on fossil fuels.
    Mike Fleming

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Topics from Energy Camp 2011

Many issues in the Green Energy Sector were discussed and debated including:

*The story of a Wind Farm Development
*The challenges in setting up an Anaerobic Digestion project
*Diversifying your business into the energy sector
*International standard ISO 14064 for carbon management *Community consultation and green energy

The panel discussion at the end of the afternoon discussed Job Creation & Opportunities in Green Energy Sector which tied up the days events.
Thank you to all the participants and speakers who attended Green Energy Camp 2011